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Cheapest .au and Top Level Domain Names Available At Budget Prices

Our domain name prices start from just $22.00 per year.

With Melbourne IT still charging nearly $70.00 per year for domain names, why not transfer your domain name to us and save yourself $$$$$$$'s

Check out our prices: $88.00 2 yrs $88.00 2 yrs $44.00 2 yrs $66.00 2 yrs $44.00 2 yrs
.com $27.50 1 yr
.net $27.50 1 yr
.org $27.50 1 yr
.info $27.50 1 yr
.biz $27.50 1 yr

Cheapest .au domain name availability



Domain Name Registration Services

Choosing Your Domain Name

When choosing a domain name for your business it is important to choose a name that is easy for your visitors to remember, and also one that represents your business. It is also important to consider the geographical region of your target web site audience when considering your domain name.

For instance, if your target website audience is in Australia, then a .au domain name would be the most appropriate domain name to register. If your target audience is overseas, then one of the Top Level Domain Names (such as .com, .net) may be more appropriate.

Many website owners register both a .au domain name as well as a .com or .net domain name in order to protect their brand identity, both in Australia and overseas. (For instance, we have AND registered as domain names).

You may also wish to register several domain names to represent your business (e.g.: AND

If you wish to register a .au domain name, there are guidelines put out by the Australian domain name authority AUDA that must be adhered to before the domain name registration will be approved. You can view the AUDA guidelines here.

There are no such restrictions however for the registration of Top Level domain names such as .com, .net, .org, .info or .biz domain names. Any person or entity is eligible to register a Top Level Domain Name.

Cheapest Domain Name Prices

Our domain name prices are amongst the cheapest in Australia. With domain registrars such as Melbourne IT still charging $70.00 per year for domain name registration, our prices starting as low as $22.00* per year (*for, & domain names) are a welcome releif. See our pricing chart below.

Domain Type Description Price  

A and a domain name is the preferred option for Australian businesses to be represented on the web! There is no real distinction between a and a domain name. The policy determining eligibility for both names is identical. $88.00
2 years
.au domain name availability
By registering an domain name Australian individuals can now be fully represented on the web. It is the only domain name that does not require the Registrant (domain name licensees) to be a commercial entity. $44.00
2 years
.au domain name availability
An domain name is the best way for Australian incorporated associations, political parties, industry bodies and sporting and special interest clubs to be represented on the web! It immediately separates eligible groups from the corporate world and properly positions them in the .au name space. $66.00
2 years
.au domain name availability
An domain name immediately identifies an association or organization as being non profit and/or a charity and most importantly, Australian. $44.00
2 years
.au domain name availability
TLD's (Top Level Domains) are available to any individuals, organisation's or companies.
.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz names are the international equivalents of the .au domain names. if you want to do business internationally, then you should register one of these.
1 year
domain name availability
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Cheapest .au Domain Names - Australia