Ecommerce Web Hosting Solutions Australia

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Ecommerce Web Hosting Solutions

TrueBlueWeb can provide the tools and advice required for your successful ecommerce web site.



Ecommerce Web Hosting Solutions Australia

Building Your Ecommerce Web Site

Building a successful ecommerce web site can be a confusing and expensive enterprise to the uninitiated.

TrueBlueWeb has tailored web hosting plans specifically developed with ecommerce in mind. Our ecommerce web hosting plans have all of the tools required to build and maintain a professional ecommerce web site at a price that is not going to break the bank. What is more, it also includes tools to help you to keep in touch with your customer base once they have purchased from you.

Keeping in touch with your customer base is one of the keys to success in developing a succesful ecommerce web site. Click here to view full details of our ecommerce web hosting plans.

Below you will also find further information about everything required to get started with your ecommerce web site.

Registering Your Domain Name

While your domain name is one of the cheapest pieces of the puzzle to purchase, it is also one of the most important. Choosing the correct domain name for your business is one of the key ingredients to success. Click here for further details on choosing your domain name.

Constructing Your Web Site

As well as having a domain name that is relevant to your business, having a well constructed web site that is easy navigate and mange is another important piece of the puzzle. The 'theme' of your web site should also suit the type of product or service that you are offering. For example, if you are constructing a site to promote children's toys, then the web site should have a fun and colourful theme. Whereas a corporate style web site should have a more serious look about it.

You can choose to build the web site yourself, using your favourite HTML editor such as Microsoft Front Page, Macromedia Dreamweaver, or even notepad.

An even better option is to use one of our ecommerce web hosting packages, which includes a very powerful but easy to use site builder, which enables you to construct a complete ecommerce web site directly from your web browser.

If you don't want to construct your web site yourself, you can still use one of our ecommerce web hosting packages in conjunction with our design & build-it service. We will design & build your web site for you, however you will have the ability to maintain your web site yourself online, as well as use the many other powerful features included in our ecommerce web hosting packages.

Or you can choose to have your web site built for you by another web developer. Our web hosting packages support all of the major programming protocol's that are likely to be used by your web designer.

Shopping Cart Software

One of the main components of a successful e-commerce web site is the ability to easily display, modify, and sell your products or services online. If your business is selling some type of product online a piece of software hosted on the server called a "Shopping Cart "or "Online Store".

Our AusLinux Pro web hosting plans already contain a selection of Free shopping carts for you to choose from, including OsCommerce, Agora & others, that can be installed directly through the cPanel Control Panel. However you will still need to customise your shopping cart to match the look & feel of your web site. If you are not familiar with PHP & HTML you will probably need to employ the services of a web designer to customise these for you.

However our Ecommerce web hosting packages includes our Easy Cart shopping cart software, which is not only very powerful, it is also very easy to use, maintain & customise.

Secure Socket Layer 128 Bit SSL Data Encryption

If you are accepting credit card payments, or other sensitive customer data from your web site, then it is essential to have some form of encryption between the web browser and your customer when they fill in their details.

The strongest encryption publicly available is 128 bit Secure Socket Layer encryption. We have two choices for providing this on your web site Shared 128 bit SSL certificate, or your own 128 bit SSL certificate.

It does not really matter whether you have Shared 128 bit SSL certificate, or your own dedicated 128 bit SSL certificate. Your customers data is protected either way. However your own dedicated SSL certificate will provide greater credibility to your customer.

Click here for further information on shared 128 bit SSL, or click here for further information on your own dedicated 128 bit SSL certificate.

Accepting Credit Card Payments

Further information about accepting credit card payments from your web site can be found here.

Online Payment Gateways

Online payment gateways are a service that connects your shopping cart with your Internet merchant account. This service links up with your bank in order to process credit card information and transfer cash into your account. supports most payment gateways server wise.

You need to ensure that the software you're going to be using supports your choice of payment gateway, and that your merchant bank will also support that payment gateway. Click here for further information on online payment gateways.

Complete Ecommerce Packages

We can supply complete ecommerce packages that have everything included for a successful Ecommerce web site. Click here for further details.

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Ecommerce Web Hosting Solutions Australia